Here at The Village Christian Preschool, we provide an environment where children can explore and experience God's world around them. We help guide and promote use of the talents He has given them as individuals. The Village Christian Preschool & Childcare Center is a ministry of the Incline Village Community Presbyterian Church.   



We believe each child is a unique and special creation of God, worthy of unconditional love and respect. every Child has the right to grow and learn to his or her God given potential. Providing a safe, nurturing and positive atmosphere will help to ensure growth into healthy, successful adults. Social skills, learning to get along with each other and learning appropriate problem solving skills are among the most important lessons a child can learn to be successful and happy in life.

While using biblical themes, we tap into a child's natural curiosity to learn academic skills such as language, math, reading, writing, and science. In this manner, we are able to share the love of Jesus while providing developmentally appropriate education.

The Village program is play-based with enriching activities to encourage the development of each child. Activities include music and singing, creative expression, arts and crafts, dramatic play, movement, stories, manipulatives, sensory activities, cooking and daily exercise as well as school-related academics.