See what parents are saying about their children's school experience...

"My son has been going to The Village Christian Preschool for two years. Cindy is a remarkable teacher with a warm fun-loving spirit who quickly go to know our son's personality. She, and her team, are invested in the children and genuinely care about each child. 
The staff at The Village has created a safe, nurturing environment while still "expecting more" from the children. This environment offers the kids independence to try things on their own, in turn, helping them gain confidence in themselves."

- Annie Graffam 


"Our son Clayton was extremely unhappy at the preschool he was previously attending so we decided it was time for a change. As a mother, it was heart-wrenching dropping him off with tears streaming down his cheeks, then picking him up in the same emotional state. Almost instantaneously after starting at The Village, we watched Clayton evolve from timid and clingy, to bouncing the school steps and happily waving goodbye to me at the window. It is so comforting to know our child is receiving the love and attention that he needs. Cindy and the other teachers have encouraged his development in confidence and independence. 
Through their guidance, Clayton is exhibiting a thirst for knowledge, positive social awareness and a joyful outlook towards the unknown. 
I am extremely grateful to The Village Preschool for helping prepare Clayton for kindergarden and beyond."

- Bret Cole


"When we first enrolled our daughter Ellery at the Village, she was two years old and unhappy about changing schools. The entire staff were so welcoming and kind to us, making the transition as smooth as possible. We were impressed with the goodbye strategies you suggested and the caring way all the teachers helped to comfort her.
Now two years later, she has clearly embraced the Village. This April, when she turned four and we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, Ellery replied, "I want to go to school". Ellery feels safe and loved with her teachers. The other students are her best friends. The boundaries you and your teachers set for students are clear and consistent; this really helps. What more could we ask for than knowing our child is in good hands when we are away?
We appreciate the teachers are working with her to write, recognize letters and numbers and the joyful singing and dancing time. Thank you for helping prepare her for kindergarden. 
We also appreciate that you all go out of your way to help expose our daughter to activities outside of school e.g. skiing, ballet, swimming, and bike riding. When we first heard that you would help set up and transport her to these activities, we couldn't believe it. As working parents, we are not only grateful for the full of childcare and wouldn't be able to offer her opportunities like ballet class without your help. These kind of extra opportunities are above and beyond the standard. 
We highly recommend The Village Christian Preschool to anyone looking for a preschool."

- Katie & Aaron Zanto


"Our children have attended Village Christian Preschool since we moved to the area in 2011. We consider ourselves lucky to have found such a great option for preschool and child care.
First of all, our kids love it. They have a loving staff that provides a nurturing and supportive environment. They have a consistently developing curriculum that includes hands on projects that inspire the children like community gardens and "worm finding missions". Cindy is an excellent school director. You can see that she clearly enjoys her role and takes pride in seeing the children learn and succeed. My kids are always excited to see all of the teachers both in school and around town, and the teachers always have a hug ready.
We have also greatly appreciated the after-school and holiday care. It is a nice option with our children split between preschool and primary education. With two working parents, having the option of having a safe environment for our older son has made his transition into primary education infinitely easier. Since he was there for preschool, he is comfortable taking the bus to and from school, and his sister looks forward to seeing him upon his return. 
I have and will continue to recommend this facility to anyone considering preschool or child care options in the area."

- Inga Starrett